We Help Business Owners & Sr. Leaders build thriving businesses through the unique lens of behavior science.


Do you know what the #1 handicap most leaders have in building and running a business?


Not having a meaningful, workable knowledge of human behavior as it relates to their business... in 2 distinct ways:

1.  Not knowing how to effectively work with human behavior to get desired results .

2. Not knowing how to financially quantify and measure its impact to operations and the P/L. 

Because of this, did you know many leaders make decisions against their own self-interest and the good of their business, working against positive human behaviors and then wonder why they're not getting the outcomes they want? They undermine their own efforts and desires.

The Cost to You as a Leader

This lack of knowledge is the #1 reason for less than effective management and the kicker (and dilemma) is...this knowledge is not typically taught in business school or in conventional leadership or management training. It remains a perpetual handicap.

Without it, there is an unnecessary burden to typical leadership challenges for any business, resulting in costly operational mistakes, ballooning people issues, headaches (literally), frustration, and the feeling of being at a loss as to what to do.  Harvard Business Review shared highlight this in this article that smart people are finding it difficult to solve people  challenges.

"Managers are trying to solve their intractable people problems in any way they can. They’re exhaustively using all their skills to find solutions—in fact, most of the leaders and managers we have worked with are highly motivated and educated, yet when they confront certain people problems, their traditional approaches just aren’t working. They become vulnerable to what we call spending traps—where spending, whether it’s through money or time, energy, and other resources, comes to substitute for the real work of leading, managing, and executing." HBR 2016

If you've experienced any of these on even a minute level,  you know it can be a real blow to a leader's confidence and competence with a certain ripple effect. It can evolve into self-doubt, faulty decision-making, & misguided actions. Ultimately, people and profits suffer. You know these can be a slippery slope for founders, owners and senior leaders. You're the captain of the ship! How you are is how the ship will go. If you've not experienced any of these, you're one of the few and lucky ones!

A Little-Recognized Fact

Here's a little-recognized fact in business. All activity in building and running a business is human behavior related.  I know this sounds obvious, but it's not. Many leaders just don't see it.

And here's where we come it. We consider ourselves "business optometrists".  We help leaders see different so that they can get different - get more of what they want and less of what they don't want. 

The quickest and most sustainable way to do this is to acquire a working knowledge of human behavior and how to connect it to improved results. Why?  Because ALL business results can be tranced to 6 basic elements of human behavior:

  1. What you think
  2. What you know
  3. What you see or don't see (or are willing to see)
  4. What you feel
  5. What decisions you subsequently make
  6. What actions you take

Here's the most important truth, business and personal success insight you'll read today => Each of these elements impact not only your operations and profits, but your life!  

As It Relates To Your Business

With this truth in mind, if you want to change or improve anything in your business anyone of the 6 must change as well. For example: You can't fix what you do don't see.

So our mission is to help you dramatically improve how you use the 6 elements to get more of what you want in your business through our Smart Management Initiative. (How we help can even positively impact your personal life...working with human behavior has a natural ripple effect).

We start wth helping you see and think differently through a distinct lens. Below is an easy way to begin. Do the assessment below!


Let's Start Here

Try This Jump-Start Assessment

Assessments are used for a variety of reasons. In our case we specifically use them to help leaders improve how they see...beyond people to behaviors, how those behaviors are demonstrated in the context of their business and the resulting impact.

This is a simple one to jump-start seeing what we see when we initially look at an operation. Consider this exercise like spraying Windex on a window to see clearer.

Seeing My Business With Greater Clarity

1). Take a moment and write a list of areas of your business that are bugging you right now...areas you'd like to change or improve, are the biggest headaches...you know, the ones you wish would just disappear. :-)

2). Now write down areas that you feel-think are going well, recent accomplishments and results.

Now, review each of your answers and identify what aspect of human behavior created the result (you can use the list above). 

Now from your findings determine what you want/need to do more of and what needs to stop. This is  a critical point: If you want to do more of the good, you have to release the time, energy from the bad. It's like shifting or redeploying your "human resources" - literally.

Bonus Question: Of the items listed in #1 - how much do you think it cost you? What's your estimated dollar amount? Of the items listed in #2 - what were the financial gains realized.

What You Just Accomplished

What you just did  was learn to identify a very important component of your business operations - how to identify profitable behaviors and unprofitable behaviors. 

Here's another human truth: Behaviors move you towards or away from profits.

Next steps

I'd like to take action now. So, l'd like to explore the possibility of working together.

We know moving in a new direction can feel a bit unsettling and that's why we offer a complimentary advisory call. We know leaders need a private, confidential place to process and plan with a discerning sound-board - it's an invaluable resource for a business leader. So let's get to know each other. Use this link to introduce yourself and we'll schedule a call.

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