We Help Leaders improve operational management to boost profit-ability.


We Help Leaders improve operational management to boost profit-ability.


Did you know many leaders are not effective Operational managers & therefore lose Money Every day?

This can be costly...not only to the business but to the leaders personally particular for early growth, small to medium sized businesses. They loose money everyday and don't realize it.

The main reasons?

1> Growing and operating a business is new to them. Most come into the business as the visionaries or experts.

2> They don't have a meaningful, workable knowledge of human behavior related to themselves and others.

3> Don't have or know how to develop a competent management team.

The #1 Knowledge Deficit of Most Leaders...how to connect human behavior to needed business outcomes in this way: people->performance-> to process-> to get desired results = profits.

Most common challenge related to human behavior in business:

1. Don't understand it.

2. Don't know how to effectively work with it to get desired results.

3. Don't know how to financially quantify and measure its impact to their business and their own leadership effectiveness.

This IS a real handicap! Why?

Because, without this knowledge, leaders make operational decisions against their own self-interest and the good of their businesses. They work against or don't actively leverage positive human behaviors and then wonder why they're not getting the outcomes they want. They actively undercut their own efforts and desires without realizing it.

This Suggests A Broader Gap In  "Business & Operational Acumen"

The word acumen is used a lot and we assume if someone is a business owner or a senior leader they have it. Unfortunately, this is not true.

Consider the definition of acumen: the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain; keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters. 

For most leaders in business, there is definitely a lack of "people acumen" - how to work with people to get the most profitable outcomes & how to financially measure and quantify their performance. And since people are the single most important element of any business, this translates into an acumen deficit.

The Cost to You as a Leader

This lack of knowledge or acumen is the #1 reason for operational issues particularly related to managing people... and the kicker is...this knowledge is not typically taught in business school or in conventional leadership or management training. It remains a perpetual knowledge gap.

Without it, it puts an unnecessary, increased burden on leadership challenges for any business, producing costly operational mistakes, ballooning people issues, headaches (literally), frustration, and the feeling of being at a loss as to what to do.  At some point, you might even start thinking, "Is this really worth it?"

Harvard Business Review highlighted this in an article entitled: Putting a Price on People Problems at Work, addressing the fact that smart people are finding it difficult to solve people challenges, siting there is a resulting financial impact.

"Managers are trying to solve their intractable people problems in any way they can. They’re exhaustively using all their skills to find solutions—in fact, most of the leaders and managers we have worked with are highly motivated and educated, yet when they confront certain people problems, their traditional approaches just aren’t working. They become vulnerable to what we call spending traps—where spending, whether it’s through money or time, energy, and other resources, comes to substitute for the real work of leading, managing, and executing." HBR 2016

If you've experienced any of these on even a minute level, you know it can be a real blow to a leader's confidence and competence with a certain ripple effect. It can evolve into self-doubt, faulty decision-making, & misguided actions. Ultimately, people and profits suffer. 

And as you know, this can be a slippery slope for founders, owners and senior leaders. You're the captain of the ship! How you are is how the ship will go. If you've not experienced any of these, you're one of the few and lucky ones!

A Little-Recognized Fact

Here's a little-recognized fact in business. All activity in building and running a business is human behavior related.  I know this sounds obvious, but it's not. Many leaders just don't see it.

Here's where we come it. We consider ourselves "business optometrists".  We help leaders see different so that they can get different - get more of what they want and less of what they don't want. 

The quickest and most sustainable way to do this is to acquire a working knowledge of human behavior so that you can see your business in a refined light - from a different perspective.  Then, learn how to work with it to achieve better results and teach your leadership-management team to do the same.

Is This Really That Big of a Deal?

Consider this:  ALL business activity and results are derived from or can be traced to ...

6 basic elements of human behavior:

  1. What & how you think
  2. What you know
  3. What you see or don't see (or are willing to see)
  4. What you feel
  5. What resulting decisions you make because of the first 4
  6. What actions you take or don't take because of the decisions made.

You can't escape it. These are grounded in the fundamentals of human behavior science.

Here's the most important truth, business and personal success insight you'll read today => Each of these elements impact not only your operations and profits, but your life!  

As It Relates To Your Business - Our Mission

With this truth in mind, if you want to change or improve anything in your business any one of the 6 must change as well. For example: You can't fix what you don't see...and then once you see it, you need to know how to fix it.

And so, since so much leadership pressure comes from not having a workable knowledge of human behavior, our mission is:

> to improve your operational eye-sight

>to assist you in employing a management system from which you can consistently see in a way that you can lead and manage more profitably.

> and to help you financially measure and quantify people performance as a standard management practice.

All this is done through individual advisory and/or our Smart Management Initiative


How We help: We increase your business Profit-ability by helping you see and manage better.

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