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After 20 years in business, here's what we've learned:

__ Great management can't happen without great executive leadership -- one that competently demonstrates  and is committed to it. It requires an unwavering commitment, coupled with an investment of time and money.

__ Without great management, companies waste tremendous amounts of time and money and have significant legal exposure.

__ Additionally,  leaders that demonstrate great management have a high "human quotient" - a workable understanding of how human behavior produces desired business results. We consider this an essential capability of high-performing executive, leadership, and management teams. This capability improves decision-making, saves time, money and consistently promotes profitable growth.

__ For those companies who are struggling to achieve this, through our expertise in human behavior, we've created The High-Performance Leadership Initiative which is a holistic approach that integrates a predictable system.

This is what makes us truly distinct. 

Our Backstory  |  The Management Dilemma

Where to Start

Need Executive Support?

Our executive offerings provide support, strategic feedback, help in gaining clarity for improved decision-making, managing people challenges and more.  Designed to be on-demand support for busy senior leaders, we assist executive and senior leaders be their best and lead more effectively.

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Need an HP Executive Team?

These days to stay competitive, companies don't just need leadership, they need high functioning, high-performing leaders...and that starts with the executive team.

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HR as a Business Partner

The need for a strategic business partner is needed now more than ever. We help HR professionals develop business acumen and human performance insights in real-time to support growth and profitability while earning SHRM credits.  It's a powerful compliment to any SHRM or HCRI certification.

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Our Holistic Approach > Strategic Business Management


Keep it simple - Keep it real - Get help quickly - Stay focused on what matters most! 

First: We start by establishing a firm operational foundation with a high-performance executive leadership team. 

Second: We partner with them to install and cement a management infrastructure to optimize operations, support organizational agility and effectively manage people and talent to sustainably grow profits. 

Third:  We help elevate the contribution of their HR team to be meaningful business partners.


If you had a way to rapidly build and predictably manage your business - one that you could count on to consistently drive profitable results, month after month.

Imagine if you could develop highly effective leaders and managers, minimize employee problems while profitably growing your business. This is how we help.

“The economy is in ruins! Bottom line? Good management will defeat a bad economy.” ― Stan Slap

Executive Briefing Fall Release - The Human Quotient!

Finally I've been able to pull together this important compilation! It describes our signature work and what sets us apart and the value you'll experience when you work with us! 

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When we release our executive briefing books they are complimentary for a time. (This is the 3rd.) 

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