JCS Business Advisors is the #1 global resource for....

__ providing a systematic, sustained approach to developing competent, high-performing managers and a consistent, reliable development pathway for future management candidates. We are passionate champions of great management!

__ improving the Human Quotient of leaders, essential for the most effective leadership and business management.

After 20 years in business, we took a step back...and determined it's time for a change!

Here's What We've  Observed

__ Great management can't happen without great executive leadership -- one that models and is committed to it. Great management requires an unwavering commitment, coupled with an investment of time and money. With it, companies waste tremendous amounts of time and money and have significant legal exposure.

__ Conventional approaches to leadership and management training-development, as well as human resource management also wastes time and money. With our experience and expertise, we see the persistent gaps and reasons why these approaches don't successfully and sustainably achieve needed results.

__ Leaders that do demonstrate great management have refined business acumen coupled with a high "human quotient" - a workable understanding of the human experience in the work environment and how that experience (human behavior) produces desired business results. We consider this an essential capability of high-performing executive, leadership, and management teams. 

__ Senior leaders waste time and money because they are afraid to get help quickly. Many suffer from "FOS" - fear of spending.  It is to their advantage to have an independent trusted confidant to improve decision-making and accelerate knowledge acquisition.

So Here's What We Decided To Do 

Using our expertise, we decided to focus on one key unique solution that can be deployed globally. Through our High-Performance Leadership Initiative,  we greatly reduce the stress and pressure of managing people and a business.

How?  By helping leaders/managers...

1). learn how to practically work with human behavior to achieve significantly better outcomes (the human quotient).

2). Utilize a systems approach to development, which produces consistent, reliable performance of your managers and employees. (We employ organic performance management.) 

Our intent is for you to borrow our experience and expertise, until you gain your own.

Our High-Performance Leadership Initiative - learn more here

How did we come to this? Read more about  Our Backstory  

Learn more about our one-of-a kind approach in solving  The Management Dilemma

Take The Challenge!

Here's the action We Recommend For You

1| Take a Look At Your Overall Management Culture

How are you doing as a key leader? Operationally how is your leadership  & management culture? Designed to be on-demand support for busy senior leaders, we provide strategic help regarding the "human aspect" of managing your business.  Is it time to take a step back for a moment and have a conversation? Learn more 

2| Take A Look At Your Senior Leadership Team

The buck starts and stops with executive/senior leaders. And  these days to stay competitive, companies don't just need leadership, they need high functioning, high-performing executive leadership teams with consistently aligned and demonstrated values and behaviors. Click the link to learn more and get access to a few free resources to get you started.  Learn more

3| Launch an High-Performance Leadership Initiative

Once you've taken a step back, evaluated your management operations and your executive team, addressing any performance concerns, it's time to introduce a consistent and cohesive leadership and management development initiative throughout the organization.  Learn more about our High-Performance Leadership Initiative

4| Align HR as an Effective Talent & Business Partner

The need for HR to be meaningful business partner is needed now more than ever. With our HR mentorship program, we'll help your HR professionals improve their business acumen and human performance insights in real-time, relevant to your business, to support your growth and profitability while earning SHRM credits.  It's a powerful and practical compliment to any SHRM or HCRI certification. 

Or, Take the Challenge!

Let's face it...

We need a fresh,  even unconventional solution to developing leaders and managers -- one that actually works and doesn't waste time and money. I address this need here: Has the Leadership Industry Failed You?.

But let me warn you, if you are willing to go this route, you must be willing to rethink how you see and manage your business.

To take advantage of our approach, you'll need to experience a shift in thinking. So we're offering free help with a  challenge...view  Segment 1 of our high-performance leadership initiative. I guarantee you - and I don't use that word lightly! -  if you use what you learn, you will be able to immediately realize thousands of dollars ... and if consistently used...multiplied!

Einstein, "....doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.." -- this is what continually happens. But not you! You're ready for a change!

I'm Ready - Game on!

Summary: Our Holistic Approach To Strategic Business Management

OUR MANTRA > Keep it simple - Keep it real - Get help quickly - Stay focused on what matters most! 

IMAGINE > If you had a way to rapidly build and predictably manage your business - one that you could count on to consistently drive profitable results, month after month. If you could develop highly effective leaders and managers, minimize employee problems while profitably growing your business. This is how we help.

Love this quote: “The economy is in ruins! Bottom line? Good management will defeat a bad economy.”  ― Stan Slap

Executive Briefing Fall Release: The Human Quotient!