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Leadership Learning Series - Creative & Innovative Thinking

It's one of our most requested and popular topics in our portfolio and great fun to facilitate!  In fact so popular - delivered to thousands throughout North America - I wrote  a complimentary book derived from the workshop, Brain on Fire: Unleashing Your Creative Superpowers.

In truth it's popular because more and more leaders recognize the insight of Einstein's sentiment: "You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking and understanding at which it was created." Business leaders everyday do exactly that -- attempt to solve problems at the same level and type of thinking and do not equip their employees with practical tools and processes to do so either.

As I've worked with human potential in organizations over the years, I have come to the conclusion that nothing could be a more useful, worthwhile and profitable investment than teaching employees, key leaders, and managers how to think. 

Several years ago the IBM Leadership Institute surveyed 1,000 leading CEOs asking what was the essential competency going into the next few years. The most popular response?...creative & innovative thinking. 

That answer presents a dilemma. In my travels presenting creative thinking workshops, I discovered that though many leaders believe this, they do not  know how to practically exercise and integrate it into their company's culture. This is what we provide. 

Every leader expects "agile thinking, effective problem solving", yet few equip their employees at every level to successfully do so.

Not to be confused with design thinking, creative thinking is the prelude to it as well as strategic & innovative thinking. The foundation to all of these is first being able to believe one is creative and then learning how to utilize it (generate ideas, problem solve) in a business context.

There is a tremendous amount  of confusion regarding creativity that is a constant stumbling block to its access and use! Our mission is to  remedy this, in a sustainable and profitable way.

To follow you'll find an overview of the offering - click here   | Should you choose to book an event of any length, each attendee will receive a digital copy of the book Brain on Fire or the paperback version at a discounted, bulk rate.

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