Engagement Highlights

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Engagement Descriptions 

In conjunction with the system, here are additional ways clients have sought our help.

>  Helped an executive successfully transition into a new position while juggling multiple roles.

> Helped a  leadership team repair relationships, learned how to manage conflict and  communicate collaboratively (vs. the famous phrase "throw each other under the bus").

> Department  turnaround - helped several different departments reset their leadership team to lead with more respect for team members, which improved  productivity and results.

> Addressed inter-departmental conflict, which resulted in an increase in revenue within 1 month.

> Enhanced  leadership capabilities in one department which had a significant ripple effect - improving organizational communication and operations between  all departments.

> Pre-promotion coaching for an assistant human resource director to ensure a  smooth transition of duties and also  enhanced trust and rapport with her direct report, a president with a very different personality and leadership style.

> Helped  start-up leadership team learn how to lead low skilled workers more effectively, which improved retention and increased productivity.

> Cultural alignment/ Culture-Leadership Reset: helped a leadership team resolve lingering culture issues after a buy-out that was causing constant conflict, unhealthy competition and mistrust

> Strategic planning and enhanced leadership relationship building via leadership  retreat.


Providing Substantial ROI & Bold Business Building

Promoting Financial Stewardship

We believe all employees are business partners and leaders/ managers financial stewards. So one of the most valuable things we do for our clients is help them learn how to calculate return-on-investment related to our endeavors and the decisions they make in managing all areas of their business.

There is a myth that people management activities can't be measured -- oh yes they can! Our briefing offers some basic approaches and philosophies. We offer a complimentary digital copy to those who schedule an advisory call. Otherwise to obtain a copy, click the picture to go to Amazon.

The lack of knowledge in this area (which we consider to be a leadership competency) was and is so pervasive, we wrote an executive briefing  - really a white paper on steroids -  and a learning roundtable addressing it. The information teaches leaders how to connect, measure and quantify human behavior/ employee performance to money and specifically to their P/L.

Our Roundtable Format

Beyond our 1/1  coaching, we've had great success with our "roundtable" format in enhancing leadership and operations success (it's one of our most requested offerings). 

Roundtables are topic-centric, customized and guided peer discussions. The format creates timely opportunities to combine integrated, relevant learning, collaboration, problem solving and strategic planning surrounding any topic or need. 

For our clients, these have essentially replaced the traditional, less effective seminar/workshop format. For their needs, senior leaders have found roundtables to be a more suitable approach. 

Roundtables are also a great format to include in an executive retreat.

The 5 Step Predictive System   |  See How We Help beyond the system  

Simple approaches to calculating ROI that will change the way you manage your business.

Simple approaches to calculating ROI that will change the way you manage your business.