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Recently named to top 30 Global HR Influencers  

JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf is the Founder of JCS Business Advisors (formerly The Human Sphere) a business advisory, management consulting firm that helps companies increase profits and operate optimally by successfully integrating the human aspect of their enterprise, while developing high-performing leader/managers and management teams. We help grow people acumen (the human quotient) and combine it with strong, practical business acumen calling it "smart management".

Her overriding business philosophy is "when we are our best human selves, we will have our best businesses" and when we see a business as an eco-system of talent, we will holistically approach business building and management. That philosophy is reflected in the pioneering work she’s doing helping leaders and companies improve their "human quotient" through her Smart Management 5 Step Predictive System for High-Performance.

She is also a passionate, inspiring business speaker and author. She has shared that passion with thousands through-out North America on such themes as creative & critical thinking, team synergy, emotional intelligence, holistic organizational leadership and talent management. She has spoken in every major city and state in the U.S., a unique distinction. 

Consistently named to multiple lists including 2018 Top 50 Global HR Influencer, top 100 HR & Management Experts to follow in  2017: Top 300 Women in HR Technology , 2017 – 50 Unstoppable Women in HR, 2017 -Top 100 Octoleader, IBM Future of Work HR Influencer,  to name a few.

Additionally, she has also been quoted or featured in a variety of media such as NBC News, Huffington Post, Monster.com, Harvard Business Review, ATD & SHRM National, HR Magazine, Management Business Daily, Daily Telegraph UK  to name a few and has appeared on multiple radio shows across the country.

She is author of several books including her most recent: The Human Quotient: The Most Potent Force for Your Business Success and Show Me The Money! Solving the Mystery of ROI to Unlock Profits & Increase Company Value.  Amazon Author Page | Read Our Back Story

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In 2017, JoAnn was selected as a subject matter expert to create HR & Management courses. Her first - Managing Employee Problems has been a huge hit, receiving accolades from across the globe.  

Release #2 - Oct. 2018: Managing Employee Performance Problems... (I think they see her as the "problem" expert. ) Access here