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Here's where we decided to provide some of our favorite resources so that you can get a sense of what has shaped the work we do and the value we provide. We consistently add items that we know you'll find useful. So check back. In the meantime there lots to get started.  

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To All Business Owners & Leaders: An Official Apology 

First, I want to start off by saying,"I apologize." That's right..I apologize on behalf of all human performance industries as a whole, but more specifically on behalf of the collective Human Resources industry.  

Usually apologizes come when there are wrongs committed -- knowingly or when made aware of. I can honestly say, you as a business leader have been wronged. We as an HR community have been of disservice to you.  

It's not that we aren't trying. doing our best, or consciously withholding. We are one of the most caring, committed professionals you'll find! I believe our community is doing the best it can. Regrettably, it's not enough. It's not enough for what you need to manage and grow your businesses with strategic, fiscal responsibility. Continue reading...


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A Fantastic Twist to KPIs You'll Quickly Want to Use

One of the key, distinct elements of our consulting practice is the lens from which we help leaders see and evaluate their operations. It is from a "how and why humans operate the way they do" point of view. 

Over a great number of years in the field of human performance, I have developed a keen eye regarding human behavior from which I can quickly identify an issue and equally important, determine how to resolve it, if it can (in the context of a typical business setting). Read on ....

20 Years in Business - Advice Series

A Series - Part 1: It's hard to wrap my mind around it... I've witnessed almost 2 generations of business (if you consider a generation appx. 20-25 years), first as young professional and second as a business consultant. I've seen a lot....and I'll be writing about that in this series. Read on...

What's Holding Back Your Business May Not Be What You Think

Leading and running a business can be a daunting endeavor no matter the size, even running a department or team for that matter can seem like a formidable challenge.  The pressure is ever present to deliver results and for some, knowing how to improve results is the ultimate leadership test.

If you have not been getting the outcomes you want or wish to improve what's already a decent operation, there might be some "human elements" to consider that are undermining your business performance. The human element or human performance is commonly overlooked in considering profitable improvements. Read on...

The Top 5 Leadership Conditions That Sabotage Company Growth

I recently had a conversation with the president of an organization regarding a key leader that has gone rogue. Yep, in her mischief, this leader has created mistrust, issued threats, bullied colleagues and generated a palpable fear of retaliation rippling throughout the organization. It's compounded by the fact, (I'm sadden to say), it the Human Resource manager!

In learning more, it's became clear that this has been occurring for quite sometime and in fact, a reputation for the harmful behavior had developed. 

Many of you reading are probably thinking... and she is still employed?....allowed to behave that way?....why?  Exactly! Read on...

Your Leadership Choice: Fixing Symptoms or Championing a Vision

It's been nothing short of overwhelming immersing myself in the dilemma and revelations of sexual harassment revealations in the media. It's a different way to spend my time as I'm usually helping clients in a positive way as they work to implement meaningful solutions. Yet, this is a social watershed moment that in my field and on a personal level I cannot ignore.

So I decided to commit to the immersion because harassment is a reality in our workplaces today. It's a symptom of the very thing I try to help my clients avoid or overcome -- a toxic, unhealthy, unproductive work environment. Read more...

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