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Human Behavior Insight for Our In Focus Series: You get more of what you measure and give attention to.

Summer 2018 Theme: Dealing with Employee Problems

We have determined there to be a significant gap in the marketplace in which Senior Leaders, Business Owners & their HR Counterparts can be informed and educated - sensitive to time constraints - about issues highly relevant to successfully building and managing a business.

In addition to our "on-demand" offering, we've launched a series of short, actionable - 30 mins. or less - briefing/training videos. We'll be promoting a theme every few months.

The first theme we're addressing is a key area of expertise (I have created 2 courses for LinkedIn Learning surrounding this theme). Our briefing video is entitled:

 How to Consistently Minimize Employee Problems: Learn the 4 Essential Elements You Must Have in Place.

Once you view the briefing and feel you need assistance to act, we help craft customized intervention plans for clients. You many want to take advantage of this with the complimentary call we offer.

Additional: LinkedIn Article- Are Your Employee Problems a Problem?

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