Working with us - Levels of investment

Introductory Comments

I like to consider what would a potential client be thinking when they visit our site. Here's what I wish was more prevalent on others' sites = pricing.  I would like to get some sense of the financial investment I need to consider when contemplating a product or service. That's the intention of this page. The range of our services includes anything related to improving business  management through our expertise in human behavior. 

Retained Advisor

The investment to retain us as an on-demand advisor is based on the size of your company, your level of responsibility and level of need.  We know our work together will directly and positively impact your P/L, so we take that value into account. With this in mind, we start with a base of $6,500 a quarter.

Learning Courses - Programs

As someone who has worked in the training and development industry for over 20 years, I know people like learning (acquiring knowledge) in different ways (modalities) with varying levels of assistance. So we've created our learning resources with that in mind. 

For example, our 5 Step Predictive System for High-Performance has multiple options such as limited help, group support or 1/1 implementation assistance.

One-Time Speciality Engagements

From our customized Leadership Learning Series delivered via Roundtables (virtual or live)  facilitating  retreat, or speaking at your next event, you'll see an average range of 

$7,500 - $15,000.

Customized Consulting Solutions

Similar to retained advisor, we look at the scope of the project and the operational impact. We typically provide 3 options for you to choose from based on our collective planning and conversations.

Free Resources

And yes, we have these too! Check out our complimentary video briefings -- about 30 mins of actionable learning to view and share. We also offer 1 free strategy session (appx. 45 mins) on the need of your choice... and of great value is our Founder's Blog.

Books on Amazon

Through our interaction with clients, many of our written or audio resources are  offered complimentary. However, for a complete list and the ability to purchase, here is our link.

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