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Our Key Focus - Strengthening Executive Leadership

In addition to our Smart Management Initiative...

Our Priority: Helping the core leadership team (executive & senior leaders) to execute at their best. So, here are additional ways we can support the challenges of growing and managing a business.

| Helping Leaders Gain a Workable Knowledge of Human Behavior |

"Titles don't get results...behaviors do." 

Human behavior is the #1 influencer of business success and of which very few business leaders and their HR partners know how to practically leverage. In fact most of what's learned is by default and lots of trial and error -- many errors costly.

In our 20+ years of business, we've seen this to be the #1 knowledge deficit of most leaders at every level and company size. This knowledge deficit adversely impacts decision-making in a way that continues to be a substantial, relentless stumbling block to optimal operations, better profits and business building.

The crazy thing?...most are unaware that this is the key issue to their challenges with "people management" and optimal operations. We fill this knowledge gap  through The 5 Step Predictive System and additionally in the following ways: 

1). Through our one-on-one advisory sessions

2). Virtual learning & coaching programs

3). Onsite, Leadership Learning Roundtables, which are guided, facilitated discussions customized for targeted, immediate application and results.

4). Half day learning initiatives specifically designed for business owners and senior leaders.

5). Event speaker

6). Retreat Content

All of this we characterize as helping leaders develop their human quotient. (Our hash tags #HQLeadership #TheHumanQuotient #HolisticBusinessBuilding #5PartSystem)

With this knowledge then, we help leaders ...

| Improved Decision-Making |

With a better working knowledge of human behavior, the next unique leadership challenge to tackle is decision-making... a hugely overlooked executive capability.

Here are a couple of posts addressing this:

What is Your #1 Leadership Asset?  |  Are You Trying to Get New Results With Old Thinking?

Confidential Sounding Board - Trusted Advisor

Part of our 'on-demand" offering, here's an area that we've discovered is a significant need.   You know that phrase "It's lonely at the top"? Well, we've experienced for many senior leaders that phrase has proven to be true. Many leaders have difficulty finding a confidential, discerning and trusted resource to express thoughts and needs to gain clarity and maintain positive energy from which to function and make critical decisions – in essence to function at their best in the midst of a particular challenge or transition.

And so…

many confide in fellow colleagues who may have a vested or competing interest, and therefore do not provide the independent, unbiased input they need. Or, they may work with other business advisors who do not have the specific expertise needed to adequately address the issue.

The bottom line?... to be and lead at their best, leaders need a safe place to talk, process, be real and brutally truthful, stripping away barriers and pretension -- removing any fear of judgment. They need to be able to lead with clarity, confidence and positive energy. They need someone who will speak truth to them operating for their highest good.

Creative Brainstorming - Problem Solving - Getting Unstuck

Let's jumpstart your creative thinking! Let's face it, we all get stuck from time to time when trying to generate ideas for a variety of business needs. One of our specialties is helping leaders and teams learn to "think more effectively". Our approach is to facilitate an experience of creative and critical thinking.

We offer sessions for individuals and for teams. By the way, there are huge benefits with teams. It's an exceptional resource for establishing a framework for and a culture of constructive collaboration as well has managing conflict. (Not to mention, it's down right fun!) Whoda thought a fun experience of creative thinking could teach people how to manage conflict effectively!

Additional information:  On-Demand  Executive Support

| Senior Leadership Learning & Development |

As educators, we fill a significant market need for continued learning for owners and senior leaders. We offer 1/2 day high-level learning (designed specifically for owners and senior leaders), delivered  in a roundtable format.  Roundtables can be  customized, or topic specific, facilitated peer learning that's applied to current needs of the business.

Our most popular topics/themes are: managing conflict, conversational intelligence-candor, coaching, creative/critical thinking, decision-making and judgment, financially measuring employee performance, understanding human behavior for smarter business management.

Though these are addressed on some level with the system, the roundtables fully focus on 1 theme at a time. These and other learning needs also apply to leadership retreats or inviting us to speak at your next event.

Here are our current offerings.