As an entrepreneur myself, including a family of 3 others (yes, our immediate family in different parts of the country, run 4 businesses!), I know (we know) the extra stress and frustration involved in growing and running a business when you don't have the right knowledge and support. You should hear some of our conversations!

So, through our unique approach that leverages human behavior science, we help business owners and senior leaders quickly fill their knowledge gap and dramatically improve their operational management with our Smart Management Initiative. It involves 3 Phases:

Phase 1. Operational Assessment - Gain a Fresh View of Your Operations Through a New Lens

Here's where you learn how to  see your operations from the view of human behavior and how it connects to operations, outcomes, and profits. It's incredibly eye-opening!  You'll go through a 9 points assessment  from which you can make immediate improvements and map-out additional actions as you move through the phases.  This is also where you'll learn how to financially quantify and measure the impact of human behavior to your P/L.

Phase 2. Installing a High-Performance Management Infrastructure 

In Phase 2, we help you manage more profitably by successfully installing a reliable, sustainable management process and infrastructure with our 5 Step Predictive System. This system will help you successfully implement and cement the changes that were determined in Phase 1.

[ This is a distinct value in working with us. We use a "systemized" approach to improve managing because a "systems" approach is a practical implementation of behavior science - also known as human performance technology. ]

Additionally, the system naturally develops your managers and management team in the context of daily operations - it is a part of your operations, not a separate event.   It embeds leadership and management development in real-time connected to real needs and objectives as you continue to run and grow your business.  Our mantra, "Grow as you go!"  - one of several smart management principles. All this creates cohesion and healthy collaboration through-out your organization.

And finally, the system also serves to create a well-tested, proven development pathway for future management candidates and/or high-potentials.  Learn more here about the value of using a system.

Phase 3: Maintaining Momentum

Once Phase 1 & 2 are complete, you move into nurturing momentum to maintain and cement improvements, practices and profits. We continually offer support for as long as you need it. Every situation is different. 

How Long Will it Take To Realize the Full Benefits of This Initiative?

The length of time it will take to fully realize the benefits and effect of The Smart Management Initiative is dependent upon:

. the size of your business/operations

. the amount of time you can take to work through and apply each step

. the operational condition of your business when you begin, which includes your key leadership team.

. typical duration = 3-6 months / from a pricing standpoint, we plan for 6

However, the initiative is designed for you to experience practical, financial value at each step and stage. We help you quickly jumpstart improvement and financial impact. Just one decision or course correction can make a huge difference!  For most, there is an immediate return-on-investment within the first days or week.

In summary, The Smart Management Initiative strengthens your leadership capabilities and operations by improving your business acumen while developing your people acumen - for you and your entire management staff.

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