An extraordinary opportunity to grow your professional brand

HR Business Partner Mentorship Program

In a competitive HR environment it's time to go beyond certification and really set yourself apart. Have you positioned yourself as "just an administrator" or a competent   business advisor?"

What if you could author a story that substantially amplified your brand… increased your long term earning potential by building a compelling case study that features you as the successful expert!

One of the most undeniable challenges I've observed over the past 20 years, is the struggle for HR professionals to gain a deserving place in operational leadership. So I've decided to create a ground-breaking initiative to address this.

Use it to compliment any HR certification or as a standalone, this is an opportunity to fill the gaps and address areas no SHRM certification can offer -- practical, real-time business mentorship over a period of time from someone who has demonstrated success in bridging the gap between HR and effective business management.

You can quickly develop relevant, customized business acumen and elevate your current role as you demonstrate substantial value while earning 4 SHRM credits.

What Does the Program Entail?

For qualified HR professionals, over the course of 3-6 months you'll be using our Comprehensive ADP (assess-diagnose-prescribe) Consulting Map as well as our 5 Step Predictive Leadership Development & Business Management System as a framework and other assessments and consultative tools to partner with your senior leadership team to effectively connect human behavior to improved business outcomes. (All contained on its own stand-alone website.)

Side Note: The most significant capability deficit I've observed many HR professional have (no matter the years of experience) is the ability to  appropriately assess, diagnose and prescribe the best course of actions for talent-performance management and development.

Our comprehensive assessment protocol and systemized approach to leadership development and business management will help you and your leadership team:

o Cultivate strategic thinking & decision-making, prescribing financially appropriate solutions

o Develop a more holistic view of talent management via assessment methodology.

o Learn to detect areas of operational and organizational improvement (improve diagnostic skills)

o Fine tune how to improve employee retention

o Quickly and successfully onboard new managers

o Learn how to rapidly improve management performance

o Learn when and how to “coach out”

o Learn and understand how human behavior impact the P/L

o Learn how to measure performance and return-on-investment in a variety of circumstances

o Rapidly fill knowledge and capability gaps

Additional Benefits via the High-Performance Leadership Content

> Create a high-performance core leadership team

> Assess leadership & management needs

> Develop high-performing leaders and managers across the organization

> Strategically plan development, which includes pre-promotion and succession planning.

> Foster a positive, high-performance culture

> Minimize employee problems

> Save tremendous amounts of time, energy & money researching tools-assessments as well as trial and error usage of those tools. They've already been successfully used (which includes recommended vendors).

You will learn how to practically and profitably bridge the gap between talent management and business management. The program will enable to you to  quickly become a competent internal consultant related to issues of employee and operational performance and talent management as you execute your HR administrative functions.

Seems As If There are Big Promises Here - How is That?

There are 2 keys to the success of your mentorship experience:

1). You will be using a tested and proven system  and tools that I've used with clients in some of the most challenging environments!  A system provides a reliable structure (that's why we call it "predictive"). The system is like a dependable partner to help you in areas of operations, through the lens of our expertise in human behavior.

2). You will have on-going support as you implement the system. Hey, nothing like being mentored by one of the top global HR professionals! (If you're early in our launch, you're lucky! You'll have complete 1/1 support. As the program grows, we'll be combining 1/1  help with small group peer roundtables.

If you are remotely interested, here's your next steps. Read these pages in order:

1. Read my backstory. You'll learn what influenced and shaped my work.

2. Read about how "the system" came to be.

3. You can even take the time to go through the free "training video" that explains the system in greater detail.

4. Also, take some time to read through  some of the articles on my blog. You can start with our article roundup on the Additional Resources page.

Note: The System is its own website that houses all the material you'll need as well as where you can order hard bound materials as desired.

After reviewing the recommended information, if you would like to explore the opportunity further, we can set up a time to talk. You can email directly at or use our Contact Us form to express your interest in setting up a call.

One Final Note

If you've never experienced any of my workshops, seminars or LinkedIn Learning courses, which have received acclaim from a variety of countries, check out the recommendations on LinkedIn.  

Download these summary sheets that include all the information including cost.  Mentorship Program | Information - The Predictive System  | Book an "I'm curious, let's talk" call.