Management as a Profession: Let's treat it like one!

Individual Leadership-Management Development

Do you believe that heading? Management is a Profession?

I have a painful, honest secret to reveal to you. Companies that are not investing in and making management development an active priority are hurting themselves...and hurting you! 

Now, there are variety of reasons for that. But rather go into those, let's focus for a moment on you. I know from many years of experience that most people are promoted to management positions with little to no support or formal training. What that means for them is a lot of struggle and stress but also suppressed compensation resulting in lost long term compounded earnings.

Think about it, without confident, demonstrated skill development the value you contribute may not be recognized. And, I can say with certainty, that if senior leaders are not offering training, they don't see the value in it or don't think they can afford it which reflects the fact that they don't know how to financially tie leadership/management training and development to better business outcomes or else they would offering it. It would be part of their business growth and management philosophy and practices. 

It also means your HR department, if you have one, doesn't have the knowledge or advocacy power to influence action.

So... what is a professional to do? Consider this quote, "Skills undeveloped is money left on the table - and not in your pocket."  Remember - each pay level has a compounding effect over time. Don't leave your financial prospects solely in the hands of your employer!  We can help you develop and demonstrate your value in the immediate and for the long term with our development initiative: Circle of Excellence: Mastering Management Mastermind.

As a former career coach, here's how I see it. A mature professional takes complete responsibility for their responsibilities -- regardless of the decisions of their senior leadership...and if you need support in doing so, we're here to help.

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