Circle of Excellence: Mastering Management Mastermind

                                                            We're sooo excited about this soon to be launched, ground-breaking initiative!

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Are you as skilled as a ninja in managing your operations, team, department --even yourself?


Are you ready to set yourself apart as a true management professional?  As an owner, does your operations manage you or do you effectively manage your operations?

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We are determined... to offer radical alternatives to traditional, conventional leadership & management training and development. We are piloting a  virtual management mastermind group - Circle of Excellence: Mastering Management which will include our ground-breaking Mastering Management Blueprint It lays out a step by step process to develop your effectiveness while building a positive, highly productive team. It's much more than an attempt at training, it's a tested, proven road map!

Taken from Napoleon Hill's concept & book Think & Grow Rich, we're leveraging the benefits of the mastermind concept to help leaders/managers develop and fine-tune their capabilities - no matter where they are in the world.

What Does It Include?

In talking to thousands of managers over the years, here are the reoccurring needs they’ve expressed and of which we want to meet within our mastermind format:

Continuous & Customized Learning 

Our Solution: Weekly learning in short bites

There will also be weekly virtual roundtable sessions from which managers will have the opportunity to experience continuous learning in a more dimensional way with themes that complement each other (vs. the typical alternate for many of miscellaneous...sporadic learning). They’ll also have the opportunity to influence weekly content based on submitting suggestions related to current needs for the live Q&A.

Confidential Conversations 

Our Solution:  “Office Hours” for a confidential 1/1

Many managers have told me they wish they had someone outside their organization that they could speak with privately to sort through issues and get input. Someone who knows them. We’d like to offer that. Even with those who’ve viewed my LinkedIn Learning courses, there is a desire for live discussions to ask questions , to connect with a real person, in real time...someone they could feel comfortable with as a trusted sounding board.


Our Solution: Professional Mastermind Group - Circle of Excellence

We’ve also heard that managers would like to be a part of a professional community (something beyond a generic, highly populated LinkedIn Groups) with shared values, particularly when they don't work for companies that do and the opportunity to learn with and from peers from a variety of industries. They also want a place and sense of accountability as they seek to improve with ongoing personal support. We want to provide a professional home for those who do not have one.

Critical “Bottom-Line” Content

Our Solution: An on-going development program with tested, proven proprietary content

Through our years of achieving significant client results and our distinct expertise in human behavior/human performance technology in the workplace, we’ll help managers build a relevant, timely knowledge-base to rapidly achieve the best results because we’re going to focus on only the information that’s most important (we know what’s absolutely necessary and what’s just “nice to know”). It's 30 mins of laser learning every week and 10-15 mins of Q&A. The community and 1/1s will assist in turning that knowledge into “know-how”. We know you don't have time to waste and we want to make every minute and dollar invested count!

Mastering Management Blueprint: Proven Steps to Undeniable Effectiveness

Mastering Management Blueprint: Proven Steps to Undeniable Effectiveness



Here's a partial list of themes and topics we'll be working with to boost your knowledge and know-how within the Mastermind setting. Pilot participants will get to collectively customized their 3 month experience.

| Boost Your Knowledge & Know-How |

Individual Performance

  • The Role of Power in Leading & Managing:  Personal Power vs. Positional Power
  • Are You a Power Thinker? - Critical & Creative Thinking in Real-Time
  • Decision-Making - An Essential Key to Effective Leadership & Management 
  • Successfully Working with Conflict
  • How Humans Operate 101 - Human Behavior 101
  • When is it Time to Fire Someone
  • The Power of Candor - Constructive Truth is Your Friend
  • Are You Socially Intelligent? Going Beyond Emotional Intelligence in the age of Relational Leadership
  • Leveraging Human Behavior Science in Leadership & Management
  • Boost Results in 7 Days: Rockin’ Time & Productivity Strategies

Working with Individuals

  • How to Hire Better
  • Leveraging Human Behavior Science
  • Motivational Coaching Conversations
  • How to Minimize Employee Problems
  • How to Deal with a Difficult Employee
  • How to Have a “You’re Fired” Conversation
  • When is it Time to Fire Someone

Working with Teams

  • How to Build a Cohesive, Productive Team
  • Culture Eats Strategy For Lunch - How’s Yours?
  • The Science of Teams

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Mastermind from anywhere

Format & Pricing

We've set the format to be 3 month (quarterly) development cycle so that we can help with implementation support for measurable growth and improvement. We don't want this to be a passive learning experience. This also means participation is limited. 

Since this is a new launch we are offering a pre-launch discount of $697.00 for the Cycle 1 Pilot. That's a significant value for a customized development experience and the results you will definitely achieve.

It also includes:

>3 executive briefing books 

>a few additional bonuses...that are secret for now. 

> first come first serve, office hours for confidential conversations

> access to all recorded sessions/lessons on a 24/7 access 

> bonus mini-courses related to some of the topic themes

In summary, it includes:

- Essential high-impact Information - delivered in 45-minute segments - core Lesson is 30 mins, remainder Q & A

- Not information dumps. We call it laser focused information delivery within this format: 

  • What do I need to know
  • What do I need to do
  • Why do I need to know it 
  • Why do I need to do it
  • How do I best accomplish it in the least amount of time and money for the most impact?

- Designed to “turn around and teach”... use in a staff meetings as you coach and facilitate team results. 

- Action recommendations - weekly growth challenges

- Ongoing accountability and implementation support

- The ability to financially track and measure improvement - the value impact to your organization


Yes! I'd like to participate in this special pilot and professionally set myself apart !

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A Few Thoughts...

It's Time For a Change!

I know that effective management training and development is not only broken, in reality, it barely’s been on life support for years. Years and millions of dollars later, stories still are pervasive of dysfunctional managers, managers that are promoted with little training or tangible, sustained support. 

Developing competent managers is still not getting the investment, front and center attention it needs and deserves.

And, it just truly doesn’t make sense because you need good managers to run and grow a successful business, leverage and maximize talent.

And though part of my mission and passion in the past has been to help business owners, senior leaders and their human resource counterparts (key decision makers) address this need. It’s not happening fast enough …. and just not enough and I’m sad to say...for many companies, still not happening at all.

This lack of action continues to hurt not only the managers, the employees they lead and company operations overall.  People are suffering needlessly ...and I hate to see people suffer for no good reason!

It just doesn’t make “cents”.

It’s All Backwards

Consider this, there is more money spent on acquiring talent than ensuring that those managing the talent will effectively, competently be capable of doing so. This is poor business acumen for sure.

In conducting research to find hard numbers, I had difficulty finding data specifically related to management training (which I see distinct from leadership training). That’s telling enough. There was plenty of data related to employee training overall as well as money spent on recruiting.

According to Forbes in 2018 $200 billion dollars was spent on recruiting. In 2017 90.6 billion was spent on “employee training” collectively.

So if 90 billion was spent on employee training collectively, which is clearly substantially less than 200 billion for recruiting, how much of the 90 was spent directly for management training and development?



Total 2017 U.S. training expenditures rose significantly, increasing 32.5 percent to $90.6 billion, according to this year's report. |

I’m at the point in my life where I’m becoming very impatient with this perpetual issue to which many decision-makers are tone deaf and their HR counterparts do not have the advocacy power to influence action.

It’s time for something very different!... because you see, at the heart of effective management development is continuity (so a rhythm of learning and development of behavior habits can be created), consistency, and ongoing, real-time accountability with application support in a way that really matters to the business at hand.

My Solution

Here it is. I’m starting an initiative where access to meaningful, measurable management training and development will be available to any manager who wants to take their professional development seriously and therefore into their own hands... and is no longer willing to leave the fate of their professional competency and compensation in the hands of those who are slow to act, don’t have adequate knowledge to act or who are tone deaf and don’t care (boy I hate saying that!). However, I’ve observed this truth for many years.

My belief is that managers should be seen and treated with respect, as a profession and should be given the attention and investment it deserves. So if others won't invest in you -- how about you invest in you...your level of competency, sense of well being, success and earning potential...and for those you lead.

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