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Whether it's a quick sounding board or customized intervention with a difficult employee, time and speed are crucial to effective leadership and business management.

Our Mantra > Minimize costly mistakes by borrowing our expertise, experience and knowledge until you gain your own. 

How much time and money is your leadership and/or management team capacity worth? What if you could expand or free up that capacity by quickly resolving or successfully addressing an issue? How much would it be worth? Have you ever calculated it for you and/or your leadership team?

Here's an example: Let's say an annual base compensation is $200,000, given 1,920 hours of work over the course of a year, that would translate into $104.17 / hr.  (For many of our clients, their compensation is much higher -- so translate the example accordingly. You'll notice the financial impact is much higher.)

Let's estimate 5 hours (1 hr a day) could be freed up and redeployed to more productive activities, what would be the improvement value? Well, if maintained, it would be $27,083.33 ...if improvement continued...even higher.  What would be the annualized, long term impact?

Now do this example for your entire leadership team. How much could that be? As an example let's say you have 4 key leaders with a similar improvement percentage. That would 4 x 13% = 52% improvement value for your leadership team! Wow!! (And the interesting fact, with our expertise, it really doesn't take much to achieve this).

[Translated into dollars with annual earnings at $150,000 each - it would be around $19,500 x 4 = $78,000 + yours = total of $105,083.00. This is at a minimum. It doesn't reflect the leadership impact to stock price and other operational/revenue issues.] (See the article listed below -The Cost of Poor People Management)

See the value in quickly getting help?

As mentioned in the Core Focus section, there are a variety of needs business leaders have to which our expertise can be applied.  We serve as sounding boards, trusted advisors, coach and educator,  interventionist and strategist. 

Imagine if you were wrestling with a problem employee and conflicted about how to proceed...not knowing whether to fire them or hang on. Now imagine having someone to call -- someone with a discerning, educated ear -- someone that could help you quickly sort out the issue, so that you could move on -- freeing up your precious mental bandwidth/capacity.

Imagine wrestling with the best person to hire and you could quickly get help to confidently decide... feeling really good about the decision made.

We found the most popular area of need for business leaders is that of judgment- decision-making... they just slug it out on their own, when a simple phone call could make all the difference...saving time and money.


"The greatest psychological need any human being has, is the need to be and feel heard." 

Confidential Sounding Board - Trusted Advisor 

Here's an area that we've discovered is a significant need.   You know that phrase "It's lonely at the top"? Well, we've experienced for many senior leaders that phrase has proven to be true. Many leaders have difficulty finding a confidential, discerning and trusted resource to express thoughts and needs to gain clarity and maintain positive energy from which to function and make critical decisions – in essence to function at their best in the midst of a particular challenge or transition.

And so…many confide in fellow colleagues who may have a vested or competing interest, and therefore do not provide the independent, unbiased input they need. Or, they may work with other business advisors who do not have the specific expertise needed to adequately address the issue.

The bottom line?... to be and lead at their best, leaders need a safe place to talk, process, be real and brutally truthful, stripping away barriers and pretension -- removing any fear of judgment. They need to be able to lead with clarity, confidence and positive energy. They need someone who will speak truth to them operating for their highest good.


"You cannot solve a problem at the same level of thinking and understanding at which you arrived at it." - Albert Einstein  

Creative Brainstorming - Problem Solving - Getting Unstuck 

How you think impacts the decisions you make!  Creative, agile thinking is  essential to better problem-solving. Let's jumpstart your creative thinking! We all get stuck from time to time when trying to generate ideas or solve problems for a variety of business needs. 

One of our specialties is helping leaders and teams learn to "think more effectively". Our approach is to facilitate an experience of creative, critical and innovative thinking which can be done individually or with teams.

We offer sessions for both. By the way, there are huge benefits experiencing this within teams. Our sessions are an exceptional resource for establishing a framework for and a culture of learning, constructive collaboration, managing conflict and  innovation. (Not to mention, it's down right fun!)  

Whoda thought a fun experience of creative thinking could teach people how to manage conflict effectively?

Side Note: The ability to financially calculate and measure leadership and employee performance and its impact to the P/L is important to running a business and making effective decisions. We teach how to do that in our executive briefing  book : Show Me the Money, Solving the Mystery of ROI to Unlock Profits and Increase Company Value. You can request a  complimentary e-version or grab a copy on Amazon. Request: | Amazon

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