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Our core focus

Your Success is Our Mission

Our focus is helping you and your leadership/management team achieve desired results quicker with clarity, confidence and competence through strategic business management.  

We are able to do this because of our unique expertise in human behavior.  We've designed our offerings in a way to most effectively meet the pressing needs leaders face in growing healthy, profitable businesses,

| Summary |

Our Expertise: Strategic Business Management through the lens of human behavior.

Services: Strategic planning, talent management, developing high-performing leaders & managers, optimizing operations, sounding board for senior leaders, coaching, educating, organizational development.

What is Strategic Business Management?

- Strategic management is the management of an organization’s resources to achieve its goals and objectives. 

- Business management is the optimum allocation of resources, both human and physical to achieve various organizational goals. Business culture, the skills and competencies of employees, and organizational structure (our areas of expertise) are important factors that influence how an organization can achieve its stated objectives.

- Business management essentially deals with the issues of planning, organizing, directing and controlling.  source link

|  Summary - How We Help & Why |

During our 20+ years in business, here's what we've  learned...not all leaders are effective strategic business managers and few have a workable, meaningful knowledge of connecting  human behavior to needed operational and business outcomes. 


1). We provide personal, confidential help to executive & senior leadership as a trusted advisor and confidant.

Through customized "on-demand" live assistance, we work with the time constraints of busy leaders.  We help with key areas in which many business owners and leaders struggle and which slow or bog down business operations and growth: uncertainty, fear of spending and wasting money, struggles dealing with employees, planning & execution of strategy, time constraints to acquire critical knowledge, navigating and leading change, and no one in which to confidentially confide. 

So we encourage leaders to get help quickly and frequently! Learn more

2). We help build a high-performing leadership and management infrastructure with a test, proven blueprint, which is a different, more profitably approach to training & development than traditional,  conventional offerings. Learn More: Smart Management Initiative

First we work with the core leadership team and then management throughout the organization.

To optimize operations, cultivate continuous profits, and create an agile organization, we've seen that a strong, cohesive core leadership team is  essential.  

Additionally, having an intentional, well established leadership team influences business valuation and even stock price. We see our work with the core leadership team as the prelude to and lays the foundation for developing 2nd tier leaders and managers. 

3). We improve and accelerate the contribution of HR Partners through our mentorship program. 

We go beyond certification (such as SHRM) and provide real-time, relevant development to your HR department.  We work to bridge the gap between talent management and business management creating a highly collaborative, meaningful partnership. Learn more

4). A Speaker for your next event. 

Our founder is also a professional speaker and has for the past 20 years delivered keynotes and conference breakouts, served as a panelist or moderator at events throughout North America. Learn more