Join Me On the Mission to promote
great management!

It's Been Quite a Journey!

It's been quite a journey these past 20 years! And, if you've landed on this page, it's because somewhere along this journey, you've encountered me becoming familiar with my work.

20 years is quite a milestone...and it called for some significant reflection. A lot has happened :-) 

I love what I do, and yet felt a need to make some adjustments to the way I do it so that I could serve more people and include the best of what I could offer from many years of experience.

Going Forward - My Primary Focus

With this in mind, I've made the decision to restructure my offerings, the key focus of which will be helping business owners and senior leaders build great companies through (the the most pressing need in business) developing competent, effective leaders, managers and management teams, through my Smart Management Initiative, the delivery of which will be primarily virtual and can be deployed globally. Through my partnership with LinkedIn Learning, my courses are delivered globally and I wanted to offer complimentary services.

I will still be doing some speaking, but no longer full day workshops, unless it's an exceptional circumstance. You may have also noticed I renamed from The Human Sphere to JCS Business Advisors to better reflect my broader  holistic approach.

I'm On A Mission! ... Will You Join Me?

I'm on a mission to take away any excuses for having ineffective leaders and unhealthy, dysfunctional managers/management.  I've had the wonderful opportunity to develop a solution that has now been tested and proven consistently successful to remedy this!

No matter what your professional role has been over the years, you have probably experienced great managers/management and ...well...not so great. So much has been written about the everyday workers' experience with them. For many, sending or offering a solution would be a godsend. 

Join Me!

So, consider referring me. Consider it an action of throwing a life-line, a life preserver for teams and leaders and for those they lead! Believe it or not, some leaders and business owners are really just overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to consistently development positive, functioning management teams.

I can help -- no matter the sector or industry - any place in the world!

How to Refer

1). Provide an Introduction

Just say, "Hey, you should talk to her!" and then send an email of introduction connecting us. That's it! It's that easy. Or connect us through LinkedIn. This is an instance when referring has a truly meaningful be practically helpful!

2). Refer to Me

You can let me know someone needs help, provide me with their info. Give them a heads up I'll be contacting them, if nothing else to just introduce myself -- no hard sales here.  I believe people either see and believe they need help or they don't - when the timing is right.

3). If You're a Fellow HR Colleague

If you are an HR professional you also feel the challenge of good management - even more acutely. If you need support as an influencer within your organization to get the attention of your senior leadership team, let's put our heads together to develop a strategy to get a conversation started.

Also take advantage of the free video briefings to bolster your internal consultant role. Start with How to Hit A Home Run With Your Next Management Training. click here

Feel free to learn more details about what makes my solution distinct from what's currently on the market.  You can truly be proud in confident in who and what you're referring.

You can start with  My Backstory. And, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask:

Thank you for referring!...and they'll be thanking you too! :-)