Executive & Senior Leadership Development

Filling the Gap with Unique Learning Opportunities

Throughout our 20 years of work,  and our expertise in how human behavior impacts business, we've seen consistent gaps in important knowledge senior leaders need and the resources to fill them. That knowledge gap continues to hamper operations and growth.

So we offer high-impact, one-of-a-kind learning topics and experiences. We define high-impact as  "making a significant, measurable improvement to operations and profits".


Roundtables are facilitated learning experiences where:

1> Specific content is presented and through peer collaboration and discussion applied to the current, relevant needs of the business.  

2> Or there can be customized discussion via Q&A regarding current needs and challenges.

> They can be conducted in a variety of time frames depending on need and topic(s). General time frame - 1 1/2-3 hours. 

> They be included in off-site retreats, quarterly strategy planning sessions, to name a few.

> Can be conducted virtually for remote or global teams.

Higher Value: the ROI typically is much higher with Roundtables because...

> learning is highly relevant

> instead of being focused on one topic, multiple themes and topics are discussed - 

> the focus is on needs & solutions vs a predetermined singular topic.

> can be immediately applied and including in any strategic improvements or performance management.

Topic - Theme Ideas

Here's what we see as critical knowledge points to improve individual leadership, operational effectiveness,  cultivate a high-performance leadership team,  improve business management and growth.

1>  Power Up Your Thinking!: Creative, Critical & Innovative Thinking For Improved Decision-Making

Decisions drive everything! This learning experience includes not only creative & critical thinking, but understanding strategic thinking, innovative thinking, mental agility, how to problem solve, decision-making and judgment. It's highly interactive. The key benefits from this experience is creating a learning  culture,  ground rules for constructive conflict, creating an atmosphere of candor, trust and respect. Learn more

2a>  The Human Quotient - Understanding Human Behavior for Smarter Leadership & Business Management

Just like decisions drive everything, so does human behavior...nothing happens without. So understanding it and learning how to leverage it is a critical leadership and management competency. This learning roundtable offers leaders an opportunity to assess strengths and weaknesses of the business through this lens. It's very eye-opening! (Included in this topic is the popular theme of emotional intelligence).

Our Fall Executive Briefing release  - The Human Quotient - get your complimentary copy now!

2b>  Show Me The Money! Solving the Mystery of ROI to Unlock Profits and Increase Company Value

First we need to understand human behavior and its role in business operations, then how it can be measured financially.  This roundtable provides, unique and powerful insights that can radically enhance an executive team's decision-making regarding business and people management, and strategic planning for growth.

These can be presented together or separately, however, The Human Quotient is the lead into Show Me the Money!

3>  Developing a High-Performance Leadership Team & Operations

It's a phrase that is used frequently with a variety of definition. For sure, if an executive was asked, "Do you want a high-performance team?" Most, if not all would say,"Yes!" and yet many would not know how to describe it or qualify their team accordingly.

Key leaders would also agree that having a high-performance team would make a difference in company quality and speed of growth. This roundtable experience looks at key qualities of a high-performance team and identifies areas of development for the group.

Feel free to assess your team with our complimentary survey - request here

4> Unlocking the Power of Candor & Conflict for Enhanced Leadership & Effective Collaboration

These are two of most popular elements in communication that are also greatly misunderstood. In working with leaders we so much confusion surrounding them serving as a stumbling block to leaders providing appropriate feedback, as well  as better productivity and needed results among teams . The confusion really stymies performance in a whole host of ways. I see this topic as essential to leadership development .

| Of Note |

As a reminder, all roundtables are highly interactive. They are a facilitated, collaborative learning experience in which you integrate your relevant business needs, leaving with an action plan. 

Additionally, we provide implementation support for variety of time frames that can substantially  increase return-on-investment.

Most of these themes are included in the Smart Management Initiative

If this is something you'd like to explore either related to the knowledge needs listed above or for alternate needs, don't hesitate to contact us.  Contact Us