Jump-Start Assessment

You Can't Change What You Don't See

Assessments are used for a variety of reasons. In our case we use them to help leaders improve how they see...beyond people to behaviors, how those behaviors impact business operations and the financial result.

The Jump-Start Assessment is a simple way to help you see what we see when we initially look at an operation...and to learn how to quantify and measure what you see.  One significant advantage in working with us, we help you find money, save money and or redeploy it more profitably.  You may be loosing money and not realizing it.

Consider this exercise like spraying Windex on a window to see clearer.

Seeing My Business With Greater Clarity | See Different - Decide Better

The Jump-Start Assessment

1). Take a moment and write a list of areas of your business that are bugging you right now...areas you'd like to change or improve, are the biggest headaches...you know, the ones you wish would just disappear. :-)

2). Now write down areas that you feel-think are going well, recent accomplishments and results.

3). Now, review each of your answers and identify what aspect of human behavior created the result (you can use the list of 6 below). 

4). Strategy and Planning: Now from your findings determine what you want/need to do more of and what needs to stop. 

5). Of the items listed in #1 - how much do you think it cost you/the business? What's your estimated dollar amount? 

How much did it cost you/the business in time?

6). Of the items listed in #2 - what were the financial gains realized?

6 Basic Elements of Human Behavior:

  1. What & how you think
  2. What you know
  3. What you see or don't see (or are willing to see)
  4. What you feel
  5. What resulting decisions you make because of the first 4
  6. What actions you take or don't take because of the decisions made.

Here's a critical point: If you want to do more of the good to improve your business, then you'll  have to release (free) the time, energy from the things that harm your business. (This may mean letting an employee go -- this action is pretty common after this exercise). It's like shifting or redeploying your "human resources" - literally.

What You've Just Accomplished

In completing this assessment, you've just taken the first step in learning how to identify the most important component of your business operations. We call it identifying profitable behaviors and unprofitable behaviors. 

Here's another human truth in business> Behaviors move you towards or away from profits.

> Identifying and Calculating Cost <

Let's revisit the question, "How much is it costing you? Did you know how to calculate that? This a much needed capability of every leader and their HR counterpart. 

If you don't know how, check out this 12 minute briefing video that gives an example: How to Calculate the Financial Loss of an Underperforming Manager -  Click here