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The Challenge: Consider thinking and seeing your business differently. A refreshed view can produce new results. View our briefing video.

This is Segment 1 of our Smarter Management - High-Performance Leadership Initiative. We're offering this segment for free, because if you decide to work with us, you'll gain the best mindset to fully leverage what we offer. The bonus?...even if you decide not to...putting into practice what you'll learn will gain you thousands of dollars and then some!

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Briefing Video Timeline

*As much as you might be tempted, we encourage you not to skip sections...the information is designed in a building block format. The time stamps are to pace your learning - the duration is appx. 1 hour 10 min. -  and to reference back as needed. Take the time to do the recommend action items. They will be very "eye-opening"!

*To facilitate your viewing, we've included slides notes and a transcript, along with the topic time stamps. There are recommended activities, which will encourage thought and strategic planning.

0:00  How to get the most out of this briefing video; how the video is set up for assessing your business, action planning-usage.

17:14  See your human resources very different: employee compensation - cost vs. investment?; Are employees business partners? 

17:21   Understanding how human behavior impacts your business

22: 22  Key insights for smarter business building

23:49   Learn what FOS means and why many leaders suffer from it.

25:51   Summary slide / points

27:05   Enhanced business operations profit strategies

30:00   New strategies for smarter business building - summary

31:03   How to measure and quantify your human resource aka human behavior | 6 measuring fundamentals | helping your managers become better financial partners | Measuring principle #1: Tangible vs Intangible

39:10   Fundamental  #2 - $, %, #s

39:47   Fundamental #3 -learn about ROC with a great eye-opening exercise!

                (There is a recording hiccup here - see pg. 67 in slide notes or next slide for the exercise).

52:33  Fundamental #4
54:27  Fundamental #5 (in concert w/ #4) - Assessing impact - learn to create an impact map (another eye-opening exercise) | Drafting a strategy = increase your sensitivity and awareness about how performance impacts business and your P/L.

58:46  Fundamental #6 - How to Calculate ROI
59:30  Examples of ROI and summary information


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Learn more about our High-Performance Leadership Initiative

Learn more about our High-Performance Leadership Initiative


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