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The Human Quotient: The Most Potent Force for Business Success

A potent force lies deep within every actor in business...a force so strong it can fuel a vision, make or break a dream. It’s a power so remarkable it conjures inventions that have changed the course of civilization as we know it. This force is the human force - the human quotient in business.

Article: Let's Restore Humanity to Business - Are You In?

I've wanted to put this information together for quite sometime. It represents our signature work, the content of which you'll find no where else! 

The unique expertise I've developed over the years is derived from practical experience with clients along with my passionate interest in psychology, metaphysics (imagine walking into a manufacturing plant to train managers and say, "Let's talk about energy."...they got it and loved it!), sociology, spirituality, the newest research in emotional / social intelligence and neuroleadership.  

It's all folded into our unmatched, one of kind work that holistically integrates business management, leadership development, talent management, culture enhancement, while increasing revenue, through our  5 Step Predictive System for High Performance .

It is that unique combination that makes our work exceptionally effective. We help clients save money while making more. We have such a refined expertise, that with one strategy session we can substantially help a client.  Test it with our complimentary call - schedule one now

Brief Summary | Excerpt

Quotient Defined: 

Quotient is used when indicating the presence or degree of a characteristic in someone or something. 


We use this definition in 2 ways: 

1) The presence and degree of the human factor in business

2) And similar to EQ, emotional intelligence quotient, the degree of knowledge, understanding and use of the human factor as a leader in their business. Every leader needs a high “human quotient” to maximize their company’s potential.

1. The presence & degree of the Human Quotient in business

Humans makeup 100% of your business...starting with you. Humans run your business. They are your business. They are either executing your business plan as an employee or are the target of your business plan as a customer. 

Humans make or break your business. So, if you want to build and run a successful business, you can’t escape them. You can’t ignore them and the truths of the human experience in your business…this is the human quotient.


2. The Human Quotient: The degree of knowledge, understanding and use of the human factor as a leader. (It’s beyond EQ – it’s HQ).

Now all the points under #1 may sound utterly silly. Right? It’s so obvious, so why even state it!  Stating it that way could feel downright insulting to any intelligent person.

You know...you’re absolutely right.  And yet, many leaders do not behave as if this is true. Many of their decisions do not reflect so.

How do I know? In the work I’ve done and as I invite you to examine the many failures in business, the struggles, the challenges, the complaints, the unattended needs, you’ll discover they are all human related in some way. Every failure, challenge or success can be simply traced to someone’s thinking, feelings, decisions or behavior. 

How we think, what we feel and the subsequent results comprise the human experience in general and its impact to your business.

Therefore, an essential ingredient in effective leadership, is being mindful of this human truth while running and building a business. It should be a critical reference point for every decision made. ~end of excerpt.

Note: This content is part of our part of 5 Step Predictive System via our  Smart Management Initiative

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