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The #1 Persistent Challenge in Business => Effectively Developing Competent 

Leaders & Managers...

We need to ask, "What exactly does it take to successfully train & develop effective leaders & managers?"...and, "Why is there a relentless problem with  dysfunctional managers?"


Your managers determine the level of effective execution of your vision, strategy, use and deployment of your resources. 

Leadership and management training and development as we know it today is disjointed and mostly ineffective. Conventional, traditional approaches just aren't working -- and haven't for quite some time.

Check out the quote from The Harvard Business Review,  to the right, included in our information briefing offered below. Here's an incredibly interesting fact -- it has not really improved over the 20 years I've been in the industry.

So, We've Taken 2 Critical Actions

1). We've constructed an innovative, comprehensive solution which fills the substantial gaps left by conventional, traditional offerings  and approaches. 

We designed it in a way that  it can be used by any company globally.  Our mission is to serve businesses worldwide. 

Why it works consistently?  It's based on  simple principles of human behavior (human performance technology) and it's been tested and proven successful  in some of the most challenging environments. 

Therefore, we can confidently say  -- and our clients have experienced  -- it provides the best value and return-on-investment.

=> Our Solution: The High-Performance Leadership Initiative - Download info here.  

2). We've put together freely accessible information for decision-makers. Whether you use our system or not, we want you to save time and money when planning your next training and development initiative. Title: How to Hit a Home Run Every Time with Your Next Leadership-Management Training & Development Initiative.

In fact, we're so passionate about helping, we've made this information available with no "opt-ins" or webinar registrations. We respect your time and energy . We don't want you to jump through hoops to  get help for you and your organization.

All we ask is that you share with us how it's helping and we invite you to share it with other decision-makers in your organization and /or other colleagues in other companies -- particularly within our HR & talent management communities.

If you'd like to talk through how this information applies to your organization, we offer a complimentary strategy call.  Or if you'd like to consider using our system, we can talk about that as well.

|  Learn More About Our Leadership-Management Training & Development Solution  |

The High-Performance Leadership Initiative - download info here

The Backstory - How we got to where we are now

The System - Why a system is a key element of our HPLI

LinkedIn  Post:  Has the  Leadership Industry Failed You?

Below is our video briefing for decision-makers. Learn exactly what it takes for effective training and development.

Important Note

Our experience has taught us that competent management begins with a high-performing executive/senior leadership team.

How's yours? Need a tune up? We can help.

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Complimentary: Video Learning Brief

How to Hit A Home Run Training Leaders & Managers...Everytime!

Duration: Appx. 30 mins.

Here are your learning resources:

1). Slide Notes

2). Transcript

They are for you to jot down thoughts and create a plan of action! Let us know what was most valuable and what action you're going to take! Feel free to share with colleagues and your key decision-makers. 

Got questions? joann@jcsbusinessadvisors.com

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