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Building a Thriving Business Requires a Solid Management Team!

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Another persistent challenge in business is effectively developing competent 

leaders/managers, we have to ask, "What exactly does it take to successfully develop effective leaders & managers?"...and, "Why is there still a relentless problem with dysfunctional managers?"

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Leadership-management training and development as we know it today is disjointed and mostly ineffective. Conventional, traditional approaches just aren't working -- and haven't for quite some time. I discuss this in detail with the video briefing we've created - view here.

The quote on our home page from The Harvard Business Review suggests that after years and millions of dollars spent, the training and development industry has really not improved - provided a truly viable solution - over the 20 years I've been in the industry!

LinkedIn Post: Has the Leadership Industry Failed You?

Finally, A Solution You Can Count On!

With our expertise in human behavior and a holistic view of business operations,  we approach this challenge with a unique perspective. We've developed a comprehensive 4 phase solution designed in a way that it can even be used by any company, globally.  (Part of our mission is to serve businesses worldwide.  We want to take away all excuses for poor management, no matter where a company is located.) We call it The Smart Management Initiative.

Smart Management Phase 3: Cultivating High-Performing Leaders/Managers

In Phase 3, we help you successfully install a reliable, sustainable management infrastructure through our 5 Step Predictive System while developing your managers and management team. 

Taking a unique "systems approach",  we help you embed leadership and management development into real-time, operational needs so you can continue to run and grow your business, while increasing leadership and management capabilities. Our mantra, "Grow as you go!" 

Additionally, the system also serves to create a well-tested development pathway for future management candidates and/or high-potentials.

As a reminder the key reason you can have full confidence in the system is it fully leverages human behavior science ("hpt" - human performance technology) and it's been tested and proven successful in some of the most challenging environments.

If you haven't read this page yet, we recommend you do. The Backstory   | The System - learn more about the value of a "systems" approach.

As You Can See

This holistic, integrated, approach goes way beyond traditional "management training". That's why we get the results we do and you'll experience the value and return on investment that is surprisingly exceptional!

Here's what just a few of our clients have said: 

/  "These results are very impressive. This is what we've needed for so long, but was not able to achieve." Corporate VP /  "I can honestly attribute coming out of our hole was due primarily to your work." President /  "It's ok if you invoice me early, we have already seen results and we've just got started," President

(I gotta say, it's really fun to have clients be so willing to give you money because they quickly realize results.)

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So, if you're ...

__  struggling with having reliable, competent managers

___ your current management or leadership team is not cohesive & high-performing

__ feeling stressed and overwhelmed because you're afraid to delegate 

__ or you want to grow but know you don't have the leadership and management capacity or capabilities to support that growth -  let's talk.  We can explore if our offering is right for you. Contact Us 

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1). We highly recommend you view our briefing video How to Hit a Home Run Every Time With Your Next Management Training Initiative. It will provide the insights and practices that you can expect along with giving you a practical checklist to use for planning your next initiative. This will be of great help whether you choose to work with us or not. It's our gift to you!

2). Download the executive briefing related to successful leadership & management development.

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The Backstory -  After 20 years in business, how we got to where we are now

The System - Why a system is a key element to consistent, effective management

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As a reminder management-leadership development is a part (phase 3) of our comprehensive Smart Management Initiative Learn more > The Smart Management Initiative

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